PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: How to Be the Main Character in Your Own Life

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

The BIG THOUGHT in this LITTLE POST: Taking full RESPONSIBILITY over your life allows you to be in CONTROL of your life.

Are you the main character in your own life?

I mean really, are you?

Are you living life on centre stage, or are you living on the sidelines preparing at any moment to quietly exit stage left?

A lot of us aren't the stars of the show in the story of our lives; I know for a long time (until, like, yesterday...?) I wasn't starring in my own movie.

Why though?

How do you end up becoming a supporting character in a movie that's supposed to be about you?


That's the simple answer: CONTROL.

Who has it, and who doesn't.

Who has control over your life and your decisions.

Now you might be thinking "Well I do of course! I'm in control of my own life." 

But are you though?

I mean, are you really in charge of your decisions?

How much of the world around you are allowing to take your decision making power away from you?

The expectations of others - those closest to you as well as society at large - will quietly but surely steal your autonomy until they are centre stage, and who you are and what you want has been relegated to the sidelines.

Great; you know what the issue is.

Now - how do you fix it?


Being willing to take full and total responsibility for the consequences of your decisions and actions will allow you to take back CONTROL.

When you don't take full responsibility, it's because you're still expecting - on some level - that those you've given decision-making power to (aka control) over your life will be the ones responsible if things don't turn out. That they will 'save' you if things go wrong.

But when you take full responsibility, when you know for sure that you'll be ok and that you can take care of yourself no matter what happens, then you don't need to rely on others to save you. 

And that means that you can make decisions based on what you want and need because you're not expecting anything from anyone.

Personal responsibility is a super power because it puts you back in the drivers seat; take the wheel and drive - become the star of your own show.

Image Credit: Tim Foster on Unsplash

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