Hello! Welcome! So glad you're here.

Let me introduce myself: I'm Jasmin Wolf.

I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Fitness Nutrition.

I'm also a former BINGE-EATER.

Food, weight and body-image have been a struggle all my life.

I went on my first diet when I was 11-years-old, and then spent the next..... 30 YEARS (!!) in a Diet-and-Binge cycle from H-E-L-L.

In that time, many things have changed - my jobs, my geography, the size of my pants (!) - but the one constant through it all was that I was bingeing and desperate to stop.

I look happy, but I wasn't because everything I ate came with a side of GUILT.

What I'm saying is that I've literally spent my life asking "Why do I binge?"

Now - after 30-years of asking that question - I have answers I'd like to share with YOU.

Why are my experiences relevant to you?

Because I've finally reached the pinnacle of what I believe is every binge-eater’s greatest desire; 

- to STOP bingeing
- to STOP being afraid of food
and to have only ONE-SIZE wardrobe!

It really is possible to live a FULL LIFE without FEELING SO FULL all the time.

Let me show you how.

Age 24 / Age 42


I binged for 30 years.

And then I stopped.

That’s what this whole website is about: how I stopped bingeing with all the nuances and nitty-gritty details.

But, I’m going to cut to the chase and give you the bottom line, the Three Pillars of this website, so that YOU CAN STOP BINGEING RIGHT NOW:

That's it.

That's all.

It's what this entire site is about, and it’s how you stop bingeing.

You don’t have to read anything else.

You don’t have to buy anything I’m selling.

You just need to do those three things.

The Three Pillars of this site are based around supporting the:

If you want more details about the Three Pillars and how they support the Body + Mind + Soul, you can sign-up for to my (very occasional) newsletter and in exchange, you'll get the free PDF that goes into more details.

You can also subscribe to get new post notifications, or buy a couple of guides; whatever you need to help you on your own journey.

But those three things are all you need.

Age 26 / Age 38

  • This site is not about Weight Loss
  • This site is not about Body Shaming
  • This site is not about Fad Diets (spoiler alert: all diets are fad diets)

  • How to determine the causes of your bingeing so that you can stop
  • How not to feel like a crazy person around food
  • How to be kind to yourself in general, but specifically around food and movement


Anyone who’s struggling with food / weight / body image. If you wake up everyday thinking about food, if every meal is an intense emotional struggle as you decide what to eat, I can give you the tools to help you end the battle.

It's also for anyone who needs to learn a thing or too about how to cope with their feelings instead of stuffing them down with food. When you learn to deal with life and your feelings around it, you won't need food to cope.

It's also for anyone who wants to learn about making delicious food. Because when you finally step out of the food coma and realize how tasty and nourishing food can be, you'll want to find ways to help it support you in living your best life, and you might need tips on how to simplify the process.


This website is my roadmap out of food hell.

I need to keep reminding myself of what works for me with food because if I don’t, I'll be seduced by the latest diet craze and will start making food choices based on vanity instead of what makes me feel good.

My goal is to keep myself sane around food, and the best way I know to do that is to tell others.


I offer information by way of my blog, and downloadable PDF’s. An online course is in development, and if you would like to be notified of its release, you can sign-up for my (very occasional) mailing list.


I have the EDUCATION: I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Fitness Nutrition.

But I also have the personal EXPERIENCE: I was a Binge-Eater for 30 years.

That’s the platform I’m speaking to you from: EDUCATION + EXPERIENCE.

In me, you'll find an empathetic voice that will help you design your own roadmap out of food hell.

The purpose of this site is for me to keep reminding myself of the things I need to do in order to stay out of my own food hell, and I hope that by doing that out loud, it will help you create your own escape plan.

Because we all deserve the EMOTIONAL SPACE to live our best lives.


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